Magic Erasers Wholesale -100 Pack FREE SHIPPING

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100 Magic Eraser Sponge -100 Pack – are perfect for the Cleaning Industry! FREE SHIPPING. 100% Melamine Foam, no added soap or fragrance. Our wholesale magic eraser sponge packs are not only affordable, but they are also extra strength. Save money and time by purchasing directly from the source.

Magic Eraser Sponge -100 Jumbo Extra Strength Compressed Wavy Magic Eraser  Sponges

Compare to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power™ Perfect for anyone in the Cleaning Industry!

FREE Shipping on all Eraser Sponge Orders!*

Our Magic Eraser Sponge sizes are Jumbo 5” x 2.4” x .8” Size Erasers

~100 pack of JUMBO Extra Strength Compressed Magic Eraser Sponges, a fantastic value for home cleaning.

~No Added soaps or unnecessary fragrances!

~50% stronger than standard erasers, our extra strength eraser tackles the tough cleaning tasks.

~ Same high density compressed BASF melamine foam as compared to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser TM but at half the price!

~Use on painted walls, floors and doors. Try the eraser on soap scum, mold, appliances, glass stove tops, windows, automotive interiors, boats, siding, sport equipment, athletic shoes, grills, pools, hot tubs & much more! “Works like Magic”

Easy to Use! Contains NO Chemicals! Use Only Water!

•  Wet sponge and squeeze out excess water.
•  Gently rub dirt, stain or scuff marks.
•  Rinse sponge with clean water.
•  Squeeze dry and store.
•  Dispose when sponge is gone.
•  Each sponge can be used many times.

Note: May cause dulling of painted or glossy surfaces. Test in inconspicuous area before applying to entire surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat or swallow. Do not use on skin or other parts of body.
*FREE Shipping in Continental USA.

Magic Eraser Sponges