Multi-Surface Cleaner by VeraClean

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Ready to use multi-surface cleaner by Vera Clean. This cleaning product is naturally safe and effective for most hard, non-porous surfaces throughout your home.

Our Multi Surface cleaner brings a new meaning to the term multipurpose! You’ll be wowed by our brilliant multi surface cleaner. It comes in an easy to use 16oz bottle. This natural formula is suitable for cleaning countertops, tables, appliances, highchairs and more. You can safely use it on children’s toys, too! And because we use only natural active cleaning agents, you can be assured that all the areas of your home are being cleaned without damaging your home or your health. This cleaner is safe and natural for a variety of surfaces throughout your home. Naturally formulated with whole essential oils. Ingredients include citrus terpenes. Citrus is commonly known for breaking down grease and grime.

When it comes to tackling tough grease and dirt build up, it’s tempting to enlist cleaning products that are tough and get the job done. These products can also do a number on your eyes, skin and breathing airways. There is usually a tradeoff. Not with our multi surface cleaner. It’s gentle on airways, but tough on dirt. Our natural cleaning surfactants and citrus citrates are hard at work, so you can breathe easy.

VeraClean Ingredients:  purified water, biodegradeable surfactant Videt Q3, sodium lauryl sulfate, (non-ionic and natural re-occurring plant-based surfactant), citric acid, citrus limon, citrus aurantiflora, citrus bergamia rind, citrus aurantium var amara flower, citrus ladanifer leaf, citrus reticulata peel, citrus sinensis peel, methylisothiazolinone

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