Natural Antibacterial Concentrate Cleaner – Quality Thyme

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Use this Natural Antibacterial Cleaner throughout the areas of your home where germs and bacteria lurk. Makes 128 Bottles (32 oz Bottles)

Don’t  risk your health with toxic chemicals. Trust VeraClean to sanitize your home. Safeguard your home with our 100% Natural Antibacterial Cleaner. And since it’s all natural you can use it as often as you please. We suggest stocking up on with our 1 gallon container. When diluted this concentrate makes over 100 Bottles, enough to keep your home protected from germs for a long time. It smells great, too! Makes 128 Bottles (32 oz Bottle).

Antibacterial cleaning products do not have to contain toxic chemicals. Triclosan is a highly toxic chemical. This is found in a majority of cleaning products that claim to kill germs. Beware, there is a tradeoff. Germs may be killed, but at what expense? There is a natural choice for clean. VeraClean is committed to finding natural remedies for reducing germs and killing odor causing bacteria.

This Natural Antibacterial Cleaner is enabled with the cleansing power of pure thyme oil. Odor-causing germs lurk throughout your home. Germs are not visible to the naked eye and can be easily dismissed. Bacteria lurks in areas such as sinks, laundry hampers, trash cans and toilet areas. Keep your home safe from odor causing germs by using the natural antibacterial cleaner on a regular basis. Simply spray the hard surface area that is contaminated with germs. Wait 10 minutes. Wipe clean.

VeraClean Ingredients: Active Ingredients: thyme oil -.05%, rosemary oil -.04%, peppermint oil -.05%, lemongrass oil -.04%, sodium lauryl sulfate -1.30%. Inert Ingredients: purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate

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