Natural Bath & Shower Concentrate Cleaner by VeraClean

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Natural Bath & Shower Cleaner Concentrate by VeraClean. Makes 16 Bottles (32 oz Bottle)

Try our natural bath cleaner by Vera Clean. Perfect for removing soap scum, hard water stains and buildup from bath tub and shower surfaces. Safe on chrome, porcelain, tile and grout.

You no longer need to open all the windows and turn on the fans just to clean your bathroom. Our Natural Bathroom Cleaner not only does the job of traditional bathroom cleaners, but does it without all the harmful chemicals. Breathe easy knowing that you will get the results of a sparkling bathroom without the worry of toxins in the air. Our Natural Bathroom Cleaners are not only safe for you, but also safe for your pipes and septic system. Now your bathrooms won’t be last on your to do list so stock up and save. Makes 16 Bottles (32 oz Bottle).

The cost of highly toxic and chemical-based products can cause major long term health concerns for the family. They have been proven to cause environmental pollution due to their use and   by their manufacture and disposal. It’s intersting to note that in the US, for example, 1 in 3 people suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis or bronchitis. Treatment  and remedy for these conditions should include reducing synthetic chemicals in the home environment.

A growing number of all natural and non-toxic home cleaning products are available these days. These natural cleaning products are seen as healthier and environmentally responsible alternatives. Your use of these products helps promote the growth of green businesses which are contributing to a sustainable economy. Vera Clean natural bath cleaner will leave your bathroom fresh and clean, with naturally hygenic results. You’ll feel a certain peace of mind, knowing that this natural bath cleaner isn’t leaving any harmful residue behind.

VeraClean Ingredients:  purified water, biodegradeable surfactant Videt Q3, sodium lauryl sulfate, (non-ionic and naturally re-occurring plant-based surfactant), d-limonene (natural derivative of citrus terpenes), citric acid, mentha spicata, eucalyptus polybractea, thymus vulgaris, juniperus communis, methylisothiazolinone

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