Natural Glass Concentrate by VeraClean

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Natural glass cleaning products by VeraClean. Concentrated gallon formula is 128oz. Makes 32 Bottles (32oz Bottles)

Make your surfaces shine while protecting your family. Try VeraClean’s natural glass cleaning products and keep your family safe from harmful toxins.  This concentrated formula will save you time and money. Afterall, one gallon of Vera Clean glass concentrate will make 32 bottles of natural glass cleaning products. You’ll be saving money and extra trips to the grocery stores. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind using our natural glass cleaning products.

Our Glass and Hard Surface cleaner is made from an all natural plant based formula. We keep it free and clear from harmful ingredients so you can keep your mind free and clear from worrying about releasing toxins in your home. You’ll be happy because your home will look and smell great, naturally. And with our natural streak free shine, it’s clearly the choice for you. Makes 32 Bottles (32 oz Bottle).

Natural Glass Cleaning Tips:

1. Spray the top of the mirror or glass surface first.

2. Spray one section at a time.

3. Use right to left stroking motions with your dry cleaning cloth.

4. Work your way toward the bottom of the glass surface. This way you can take care of any drips that come down.

5. Shine the bottom of the glass surface and then start another section.

Enjoy streak-free mirrors and glass surfaces. Breathe easy with our natural glass cleaning products by VeraClean.

VeraClean Ingredients:  purified water, biodegradeable surfactant Videt Q3, organic grain ethyl

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